Fort Leveau is located in Feignies (Nord). It belongs instead
stronghold of Maubeuge and took part in the defense of the city in 1914.

Today, owned by the town of Feignies, it is one
of the last witnesses of Maubeuge la Militaire in 1914.

The association
The association

In 1993, a visit to Fort Lobau in Bondues was the trigger for a local consciousness of how lucky we are to have Fort Leveau on our territory. The association ``Sauvegarde du fort de Leveau`` was created at the initiative of Mr. Henri BRASSART.

The members

From 1996 onwards, the association resolutely turned towards the orientation that it still has today. The unifying element is the discovery of the 9 bodies of soldiers killed in 1914. The first pieces made their entry into what was to become the museum.


Nowadays, passionate about fortifications, history, uniformology or simply captivated by the attraction of the place, the volunteers essentially ensure the missions of reception of the public. They also carry out research to better understand the history of the fortress and its garrison. They are in charge of the museum and its associative collection.