The Fort de Leveau app

We now provide you with a free application that will guide you throughout your journey.

On the principle of the audio guide, once downloaded, the application will allow you to discover the functioning of the fort and the course of the Battle of Maubeuge. You will also be able to listen to many testimonies relating to the bombardment of the fort.

Once on the site, throughout your journey, you will meet inside, but also
outside, QR Codes.
Scan them with your smartphone to access scene content via the scan button.

1: The defeat of 1870
2: The stronghold of Maubeuge
3: Fort Leveau
4: The Battle of Maubeuge
5: The Walled Tunnel
6: The French soldier of 1914
7: The bedroom
8: Horizon Blue Army
9: The American Expeditionary Force
10: The health service
11: Prisoners of War
12: Artillery

13: The central tunnel
14: Supply and food
15: The World of the Trenches
16: Ammunition storage
17: The simple caponier
18: The double caponier
19: The concrete block
20: The commemorative stele
21: The morning of September 7
22: The first shell
23: The collapsed chambers
24: The Fall of the Fort

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